HELLO!! I'm Caroline Kloster, a 19 year-old self-proclaimed "edge enthusiast" who created Electric Edge in 2015. This corner of the internet is filled with my musings on style as well as the struggles and excitements of life (two topics that, more often than not, intertwine). If this corner of the internet was a room, I would deem it an "all are welcome" party room illuminated by fluorescent colored light bulbs and an abundance of cookie sandwiches. I intend Electric Edge to be an ever-evolving platform for me to express and understand my thoughts about style and life in general and hope that keeping an open dialogue about the wonderful form of expression that is fashion will help anyone and everyone, at any point in their "style journey" (or life journey), to do the same.

FAQ (Well, this has never actually been asked, but it probably should just be explained): What does Electric Edge mean?
Edge does not have to translate to spiky black platform boots, leather jackets and fishnet stockings (although all of the above is recommended if you so fancy). Edge, to me, is whatever part of an outfit you feel adds personality to the look- something you really love, something that may stand out or show your unique sense of style. Edge is any part(s) of your look that make you thank the universe for a tool to express what you want to express. My fascination with fashion began with an appreciation for "edge" in life and therefore, in fashion: an appreciation for the ability to personalize outfits and experiment with style in general. And who doesn't like feeling electric? No, not electrocuted- electric. Thrilling. Exhilarating.

Enter at your own risk. (It's not that scary. Scariest occurrences will probably be presented in the form of ridiculous outfit experiments, and that's on me, not you). 

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