Saturday, July 14, 2018

The 5 Best Details of Fall 2018 Couture

One stormy and formidable evening, all fashion houses gathered from far and wide to collectively (and lovingly, don't get me wrong) grab a machete and chop the traditional year calendar into countless new "seasons." Of all the fragmented machete debris, couture season is supposed to be the gem in the crown: in a different way than Ready to Wear or Resort, couture stands synonymous with glamour and drama while drawing a clear connection between fashion and art.

So can someone please explain why Fall 2018 Couture collections felt so boring? 

Maybe the endless amount of content thrown at consumers through ultra-modern platforms like Instagram is resulting in an overstimulation that makes it almost impossible for anything to feel new and exciting anymore, but I've found myself more jittery scrolling through Ready to Wear collections than couture pieces specifically tailored towards wow factor.

This time around, I found myself taking more interest in acute details of certain collections rather than their grand gestures. So, lo and behold, some details of Fall 2018 Couture (and Resort 2019, just for fun) that we can all collectively dance about:

1) Chanel Side Swag
Everybody always wants a good photo of the back of their dress (the over-the-shoulder pose) or the front (obviously) but "Yessss, get that side shot!" is a phrase that feels suddenly fun and desirable to me. The side of a person (or outfit) just seems like something we don't pay enough attention to, and the idea that the side could be the main attraction of the look is game changing for both photo posing and garment designing. All Chanel's models were posing to the side, which would normally be an obstruction to a good #lewk photo, but in this case, the side was the look.

2) Chunky Gold Earrings that Look Like Oysters
I've developed a fetish for dangling seafood from my ears and I'd like to give you an update on the experience from the peak of obsession stage. Chiefly, I've learned that all sea animals look good in bead or jewel form mixed with gold or silver metal. It's just a universally flattering depiction of them, like how confidence is universally flattering on every human. My new favorite baby in the family that already includes lobster earrings and shrimp necklace charms are oyster-like ear candy, seen below in Ellery Resort 2019 and Victoria Victoria Beckham Resort 2019.

If I got myself a pair, I wouldn't plan on wearing them together, though. One oyster clad lobe is enough. Evidence below:

3) Mismatched Earrings
Jaquemus's Fall 2018 show introduced me to this concept and I nearly jumped for joy when I saw it continued in this season's Alexandre Vauthier, Stella McCartney, and Aalto collections. Earrings should be sisters, not twins, right?

4) Triangle Waist Pants
While not necessarily new, this style of waist feels particularly relevant in today's vintage-obsessed fashion scene and transcends season (the fashion kind and the weather kind). Isabel Marant is the queen of this design tactic and her Restort 2019 collection featured pants on pants that remind me of this Culture Machine shoot that's permanently stored in my brain:

4) Sleeping, but Make it Fashion
I acknowledge that sleep is more of a concept rather than a detail, but I'm throwing this one in simply because it validates, although ever so slightly, my tendency to sleep through every alarm I've ever set on my phone. Maybe, someway or somehow, my magnetic attachment to my bed is a sign that my body's natural tendencies are in sync with my aspirations to enter the fashion industry.

I think that might have been my most creative approach yet in explaining away my own shortcomings, and I'm not proud of it.

Aaaaannnd I'm including this because it so flawlessly ties in with this photo of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, which I'm going to slap down as an ending to this piece. Feast your eyes (and your snooze-inclined heart):

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