Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If You Could Assemble Your Dream Style Tribe, Who Would You Include?

Last month, published an article detailing streetwear's migration from a trend-focused sphere to a tribe-focused sphere. Writer Emily Farra claimed that 2017 street style became less about any particular piece(s) and more about embracing the "lifestyle" accompanying said pieces. The biggest street style stars picked their favorite trends and pledged allegiance to a tribe, whether it be the print lovers, "the suits,"  or the "less-is-more dressers."

I know this isn't necessarily what Farra meant, but the term "tribe" in relation to fashion made me think about who I would choose if I were to assemble my very own army of style powerhouses. There's something quite intriguing about that reminds me of my dad trying to collect all the best players for his fantasy golf team. Now I'm thinking about what my team would look like...whose style has influenced me over the years? What would happen if I could round them all up for one day of together-ness? One powerful walk down the street? One iconic photoshoot?

In no particular order:

1) Michael Jackson from the early 80s
Best piece: Red jacket
Skills: Ability to bring clothing to life through dance and performance
The Thriller video was the first video I had ever watched on YouTube and Michael's red jacket (as well as the similar jacket in the Beat It video) was the first fashion item I truly lusted over. I would dream about wearing it to the barber shop with my dad, and it seemed to represent power and confidence.

2) Sara Paxton as Aquamarine
Best piece: Blue highlights
Skills: Innovation, leadership, fearlessness, mystery
Because Aquamarine was my favorite movie growing up, I saw Aquamarine as the ultimate dream girl for a solid chunk of my life. Not only did her dual identity as half mermaid, half human lend an aura of mischief to her character that was palpable in whatever she wore, but she also managed to make anything seem exotic and beautiful. She styled a blue t-shirt as a dress 4 different ways and created her Last Splash #lewk by ripping the sleeves off a vintage costume dress.

3) Every girl who has ever closed a Giambattista Valli couture show
Best piece: TULLE GOWNS!
Skills: Consistency in delivery of jaw-dropping drama

4) Leandra Medine, founder, CEO, and EIC of Man Repeller
Best piece: Endless supply of sunglasses
Skills: Understands fashion as a nuanced concept with no rules
I physically can't talk about fashion or writing or the joys of life in general without referencing Leandra. She's brought a completely new element to the industry by conceptualizing fashion and the human interest in it in such a unique way, and she'll always be my biggest inspiration career-wise. She saw a gap in an industry she loved--a humorous-yet-intelligent-and-honest-writer sized gap--and filled it with grace, innovation, and creativity. I'll join any tribe she's part of. (Photo by Krista Anna Lewis, btw!!)

5) Aurora in the last scene of Sleeping Beauty
Best piece: THE COLOR-CHANGING DRESS! Her dress changed from blue to pink and back again as her fairy friends argued over which color looked best.
Skills: Ability to dance freely despite her dress continually changing color

6) Alexa Chung
Best piece: Grunge haircut and black eyeliner
Skills: Master of eclectic and grungy style with a constant presence of British sophistication, has used this aesthetic to pump out three incredible collections for her own label, ALEXACHUNG

7) TLC from the 90s
Best piece: Baggy pants with crop tops
Skills: Impeccable execution of baggy-cool aesthetic; unwavering commitment to the art of group outfit coordination

8) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Best piece: Met Gala outfits in 2013 (Ashley in vintage Dior, Mary-Kate in vintage Chanel), 2016, and 2017
Skills: Small yet mighty; masters of messy blonde waves, smoky eyes, long coats, and piercing stares

9) A leopard or two
Honestly, I'd be thrilled if a leopard or two or three or four would be willing to join. They're born with a statement coat that unites them with a built-in tribe all around the world. Humans are out here working tirelessly to recreate leopard print into fabrics and textiles while these cats are stunting every day in a look that's uniquely theirs. It'd be an honor to walk alongside them (can you imagine, I don't know, each member of TLC walking a leopard?).

10) Grace Kelly in her wedding dress from her marriage to Prince Rainer
I believe that each outfit we wear can create a different version of ourselves, for better or for worse. To me, this version of Grace Kelly in her wedding dress radiates grace and elegance.

I guess I'll stop at a nice, even, double-digit number, even though I could go on and on all day. Who would you make sure to include in your own style tribe? I'd love to know! Feel free to comment down below and keep this wonderfully ideal fantasy going. Ever since I've started thinking about it, it's been difficult to stop, and I want to infect someone else.
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