Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Love Letter to the Impractical

Here's a question I'd like to throw out into the universe: does my subconscious have nothing better to do than wait, stop sign in hand, for my sartorial excitement to strike, preparing to build a literal wall between the flow of my conceptual outfit dreams and their materialization in reality?

GET A HOBBY, PLEASE. You live in my brain, a habitat complex enough by definition to entertain you for years. Spend at least 72 hours exploring the section that houses my love for One Direction. Recline and relax in my long term memory cabinet, I'm pretty sure my sleep playlist is engraved somewhere in there. Do me a favor and analyze my dreams. Repair the Math Proficiency setting which I'm almost positive is malfunctioning.

I appreciate you keeping me and my bank account in check and anchoring me towards reality, but sometimes I wish you would just let me live in the bliss of imagining an impractical yet ingeniously exciting outfit.

For instance, let me forget the fact that I've never worn cowboy boots in my life because I've fallen in love with them as of late. It's probably because of SS18 collections, but I'd like to believe it's a signal of my calling to go West and live the American dream. Allow me to forget the fact that I don't have the funds to spend over $100 on these white Topshop boots, because they would look SO GREAT with a chunky sweater, those Ganni pants I've been eyeing (I could probably afford one leg), and some fun eyewear.

Click the items below to shop:

I live by wearing whatever the heck you want because life is too short to spend more than three seconds worrying about whether or not you'll be overdressed at the party, but I don't live by purchasing whatever the heck you want. I can't. Especially when I'm unsure if I'd get tired of them or not once cowboy boots exit the hyper-trendsphere.


Cowboy Boots #1

I also have to realize that practical means different things for different people. These boots might be incredibly practical for me if I worked in fashion and could wear them to work, but I'm in high school and wear a uniform to school each day. That means my outfit opportunities are limited to weekends, and I'm not sure how often I would be able to utilize a pair of cowboy boots. I don't know.

One more, though: I WANNA WEAR ZIIISSS ON SUNNY WEEKENDS WALKING THROUGH TOWN (an activity I almost never do):

Cowboy boots #3

The impractical is important, though. Groundbreaking fashion, like all other forms of innovation, oftentimes begins with an idea that may seem crazy yet evolves into a concept that's so crazy it works. And it works beautifully. It's the impractical that makes the world go 'round. If these boots hadn't ignited a fire in my thoughts, what else would I be doing in math class right now? I rest my case that my Math Proficiency switch is most definitely flipped off. 
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