Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why Do I Want to Put Feathers on Everything?

I was thinking recently about how flamingos could very well be my favorite animals. In my heart, my favorite animal to be around is Man's Best Friend, The Dog, but I feel like everyone has two categories of preferred animals, those being the animal that you truly love in a personal way and the more exotic animal whose lifestyle you admire from afar. Kinda like how you say you love your mom and you also say you love Rihanna, but the love for your mom is personal and the love for Rihanna is more hypothetical. Both important types of loves--one of our responsibilities as humans is to shower animals, our co-stewards of the Earth, with praise and validation--but different types of loves. Dogs (and maybe even cats) will always be my Category 1 favorite animals, but Category 2 switches around a lot.

My go-to for favorite animal questions (in which I always respond with my Category 2 favorite because "dogs" or "cats" is such a cheap answer) has typically been the platypus, chiefly because they bring relevancy to the otherwise overlooked monotreme family. However, I've recently adopted a weird sentiment towards feathers, and the more and more I look at flamingos the more and more I want to dress like them. 

If we're tracing the nativity story of this intrigue, I think Prada was one of the parents. Or I developed my infatuation with feathers organically and Prada's current aesthetic was standing on my shoulder saying things like "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

It all started with Prada Spring 2017 RTW:

Then Prada FW '18 showed me that flamingos live their best lives not only in the warmer months but in the colder months as well:

 AND GUESS WHAT? Resort season is in on it, too!

Prada Resort 2018:

No.21 Resort 2018:

Dior Resort 2018:

It's worth noting that brands like Chanel, Marchesa, and Elie Sab have embellished their beautiful couture ensembles with feathers for seasons upon seasons. However, in the age of streetwear's triumph over traditionally formal looks, feathers as a design element have taken on a new connotation (join the club of kids running with a new crowd, previously joined by gingham). 

Click on the images below to shop your own feathery fairytale:

Zara, $49.90:

Zara, $69.90:

Zara, $89.90:

Urban Outfitters, $179:

Zara, $129:

Emilio Pucci, $288:

Charlotte Stone, $296:

Also, Australian brand Dyspnea (faux fur only!) will make their feather-filled Resort 2018 collection available for purchase in September.

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