Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gingham Takes a Cue from Miley Cyrus

Gingham is having a Miley Cyrus moment. Just as Miley "came back" to the pop culture scene in 2013 as a transformed version of herself--edged-up and ready to rumble--and elicited an excitement about this new personality filled with fervor, glamour, and swagger, gingham is rolling with a new crowd and ready for its debut. As temperatures rise, the sun is becoming the spotlight that gingham hasn't properly basked in since the '60s.

Gingham's new squad is millennial fashion consumers who will use this piece not as a basic or classic but as a tool for mixing and matching, which makes the design houses heralding this movement seem particularly in touch with the millennial mindset, in all its forms, right now.

House of Holland, Altuzarra, and Rosie Assoulin circa SS17 Fashion Week know what's up:

Gingham isn't the "domestic bliss" it was in the '60s or the Dorothy Gale sartorial uniform it was in the '40s. Now, in an age where young people are running full speed ahead towards any and all forms of self-expression, gingham is an ingredient in the super sweet cocktail of ideas, passions, emotions, and visions of the 2017 millennial translated through clothing.

Widespread debate about the cons of Coachella "street style" aside, I can think of few other places that serve said cocktail in such high concentration--fashion and music are a huge part of the festival and also huge parts of millennial culture, so when we put them together we get a sort of melting pot of young fashion/music/fun enthusiasts demonstrating the virtues of their culture loud and proud: fearlessness, creativity, individuality, excitement...sometimes even pretentiousness or superficiality, but that aside...

The clothing translation of this can be nearly anything, but could probably be summed up in one word: unexpected. Which could also be manifested in nearly any way--whatever your interpretation of "unexpected" is.

Sooo, because Coachella is currently underway and there's a certain "let's rock n roll" feeling in the air (sense that made: none), here's a couple ways gingham can be added to a festival outfit in a way that reflects the unpredictability of the millennial:

#1): Instead of making the gingham skirt the statement piece, make the entire outfit work together as a statement with elements that both contrast and reinforce each other. Cut a triangle opening into the graphic tee so that the bralette shows (maybe even cut it into a crop top if you're feeling it). A denim jacket is necessary for when it gets cold at night, but personalized, unique denim is the best denim. And yes, that's a septum ring.

#2): The only rule of millennial fashion is that there are no rules. Anything goes. In this case, Moroccan work-from-home business woman on top, sporty go-go dancer on the bottom.

#3): A scarf to cover your nose and mouth when it gets particularly dusty (other location options for non-dusty atmospheres: hair, arm, leg, half of back pocket) and tube socks, sneakers, and big hoops to completely throw off anyone who saw your outfit from the waist up and thought "Oh, she looks like she could be driving in a convertible in Florence!" BOOM-Jenny from the Block when they least expect it.

Photos via Vogue Runway
Collages made with Polyvore


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