Monday, January 2, 2017

FW '17 Lookbook: 1


I realize that it is not the new year itself that produces change or a "fresh start." The transfer from 2016 to 2017, alone, will alter quite literally nothing except the motion my pen makes when writing the date in school.

It's what accompanies the start of a new year -- excitement, motivation, and refreshment -- that ignites a fire within us, and that's what drives change. We're still the same person from December 31st to January 1st, so the actual date change doesn't do much, but it's something about our response to it that gives the new year its merit. That's why New Year's Eve is still worth getting exciting about -- it's a pretty cool thing that the universe seems to welcome everyone to a new world inside the one we're already in.

Whether we do this intentionally or not, the glitz and glam that characterize New Years Eve dressing seem to embody the exact reaction that the new year elicits from us: the spirit of excited anticipation, mystery and excitement come alive through metallic fabrics, deep velvets, and sequins. These materials don't lose their power after the ball drops, though-- they still hold their own in the streets and help to supply the street style-sphere's dose of glitzy mystery.

Sooo, because I love mixing more casual pieces with fancy embellished/shiny pieces, I put together these first three looks in my Winter Lookbook with the spirit of New Year's Eve in mind!

Silence + Noise top 
AG Jeans
& Other Stories socks
Zara shoes

Zara striped turtleneck
Zara earrings
Endless Rose sweater
Free People top
Zara skirt
Zara shoes

Free People chokers
Zara top
Zara jumpsuit
Steve Madden shoes



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