Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Suit Up For the Streets

As the 2016 American Music Awards went down on Sunday night, the show that’s supposed to be all about the tunez gradually unraveled into something resembling an ATM that dealt out an assortment of different emotions instead of card money. Here’s how it went down for me:

Secondhand awkwardness re: Gigi Hadid mocking Melania Trump

Excitement about living at the same time as Bruno Mars re: Bruno Mars’s performance of 24k Magic

Emptiness re: Zayn Malik winning the New Artist of the Year award and thus confirming that he is definitely never coming back to One Direction, but

Contentment re: his hair’s return to its long length and the near disappearance of his facial hair

But among this cluster of things to process, I must take note of the most important guest of the night and newest resident of the “Maybe I Should Wear This” section of my brain: the two-piece suit!!!

It’s all I can think about now in regards to outfit planning, simply because suits can be worn in 4238490289 different ways and they come in all different colors, textures, and patterns, which is enough exhileration to hold me over until One Direction finally gets back together.

Last night, Lady Gaga exhibited her Joanne aesthetic with an all-white suit with a wide-brimmed white hat (Jaquemus SS17 vibes, in my opinion). She looks powerful in all the right ways!! (It’s the magical power of the suit, obviously).

An all white suit like this could be so great for a street style winter whites look if you wore a sheer turtleneck under it, a crew neck sweater over that, and a good socks/slides combo or sneakers. Suits really don't have to scream "I work in a cubicle" because you can style them any way you want.

Gigi Hadid’s last outfit change of the night combined suit and sparkle, which would be a nightmare for somebody with a lisp but was a dream for me because I’m in love with both of those things. Okay, it wasn’t actually a suit--it was a jumpsuit--but the jumpsuit looked like a button down shirt tucked into trousers which, in turn, looked like a suit. It’s the transitive property. 

I think contrasting super jeweled-up/sequined pieces with street wear like this black denim jacket is the coolest thing ever. You can be a glistening mermaid and a 90's grunge band member at the same time. Or you could be an Outsider who also happens to be a disco ball on the side. If you're the latter option, I honestly really hope you wear the below outfit on your way to hang out with Dallas Winston and Sodapop. 
The symbol for boring office days is transformed into something magical with the suit (or suit-like silhouettes) -- they can be dressed up, down, or in the middle, so if the approach of the winter season is sucking all the excitement and spontaneity out of your life, try styling a suit in a way that tickles your fancy & it might breathe some life back into you!
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