Monday, August 29, 2016

Trend Testing: Tinted Lenses

Are Tinted Sunglasses Creepy or Cool?

This question has been plaguing my mind for some time since the newest re-vamped 2000s trend, tinted lenses, not only arrived but made one hell of an entrance over the eyes and on the nose bridges of, well, everyone (below: Selena Gomez, Adwoa Aboah, Sofia Richie, Kendall Jenner, @red_shiraz on Instagram, Leah McCarthy, Amanda Steele, and Bella Hadid).

The only way to ever yield an answer to this life-or-death question is to trend test, obviously.

Trend Test (verb, sometimes noun): to incorporate a trend into one's outfit in an experimental fashion in order to ascertain whether or not one enjoys the trend
Synonym: wear something you kinda like but kinda hate and see how it goes

For my trend test, my item in question is a pair of blue-tinted, clear-framed glasses from Urban Outfitters (dress from Forever 21, denim jacket from Zara, Life is Good hat, Zara shoes).

I like that the glasses added color to the outfit, but I'm still not sold on the fact that you can kinda see my eyes through the lenses... I prefer either straight up clear glasses or regular sunglasses. Maybe I'm just afraid of lukewarm, you know? Or maybe I'm being really extra right now and trying to turn my indecisiveness into something philosophical.

I think, for me, the importance of trend testing lies in the idea of being experimental when outfitting myself: I guess it's not about placing something in a "cool" or "not cool" box, but being open to the idea of wearing something and not knowing what box it's in, or if it can be put in a box at all. I wear tons of things that I absolutely love - things that I know I love - but I've also come to learn that there are worse things than stepping out in an outfit and still not knowing if you're in love with it. Outfitting yourself is like painting a picture: you start with colors (or in this case, pieces) that you're naturally drawn to, and you add a little, then step back and look at it, then add a lot, then step back, then take some off, and step back and look at it, and maybe leave it for a while - it's the uncertainty that fuels experimentation, which leads to cultivation of a style that is unique to you and dictated by a mix of your own whims, inspirations, and inclinations.

I'll leave you with a question (well, two): what do you think about tinted lenses, and what's a trend you might want to trend test?
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