Thursday, July 7, 2016

Striped Culottes: 3 Ways

While I was in California, I experienced an epiphanic moment of utter earth-shattering importance: the purchase of my first pair of culottes, courtesy of LF. Yes, this purchase did take place during (or even after) the apparent "decline of the culotte," but in my mind culottes are still the coolest thing ever and this striped pair is one of my favorite things in my closet right now. They're a fun alternative to denim shorts or jeans, which is right up my alley considering I suffer immensely from Stage 1 Silhouette Struggles. To make my case for the magical wonderland that is the culotte, I styled three different outfits with the same glorious pants! 

Don't let my straight face in some of the following photos fool you: I was ecstatic about the fact that my neck scarf from Brandy Melville could double into a strapless top. I love the way the colors and pattern of the bandana look against the muted colors of the culottes. I thought adding a chunkier piece of jewelry would make the look more summer-y (my necklace is from Urban Outfitters) and I paired the outfit with some high tops from Zara to make it a little more playful and boyish.

This next look makes me feel like a business woman who frequently goes yachting and makes sure the landscape of her front lawn is pristine. Maybe she has a chow chow dog whose fur compliments her nude sunglasses. I've been wearing this pair of sunglasses from Toms so much this summer, and what drew me to them was the thick nude frames- I feel like they match with everything and I love doing nude on nude and pairing them with things like these nude shoes from Zara. My shirt is also from Zara- I love the ties on the sleeves!

Third look!! I played with pattern-on-pattern and paired this Forever 21 striped cropped top with the culottes. Even though more fitted tops usually work better with loose bottoms like these culottes, I love the way the loose shape of the shirt looks against the snug waist of the culottes. My shiny shoes are from Zara.

Woah! A bonus look! I'm currently very intrigued by the idea of slips worn over things, so I decided to throw the closest thing I have to a slip, this lavender dress from Free People, over the culottes and play with the look. Tucked in or not, I think I like how it turned out- it looks a bit like street pajamas to me, which is a look I'm also really intrigued by right now.

The ode to my striped culottes is officially over. To this pair of culottes, I love you and I am glad we are such great friends right now. To the extremely attractive boys who saw me wearing these and made fun of me by asking me what I was wearing, THEY'RE FREAKIN CULOTTES and also I hope you're not reading this



i love the culottes! I know you got them from LF, but do they have a brand? If so could you tell me what it is? thanks :)

Caroline Kloster said...

Hi Riley! Thanks for reading. The brand is called Indikah, but I bought them in April so I believe they are now only available on a couple of online sites... not sure if these websites can be trusted or not (I haven't bought from them before), but search for "INDIKAH Leah Midi Culottes Grey" on Google and you'll see where they're currently sold :)

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