Thursday, July 21, 2016


For all the people that didn't get any roses for Valentines Day (or skipped out on impulse-buying that tiny bouquet at the grocery store that was just really pretty and would be a nice little addition to your room, maybe by the window?), you're now getting them on any clothing item you want, all thanks to the current activity within the fashion world's trend-sphere. Maybe there is a reason behind the rise of certain trends… is the universe, or maybe the most recent Bachelor or Bachelorette, looking out for us? It's all connected, guys.

 Cailin Russo (@cairusso on Instagram)

Rose embroidery is a trend I've been seeing everywhere lately, and I completely approve. I'm not sure why people (including me) love it so much… maybe because having something so delicate and dainty on your clothing kind of makes you feel delicate and dainty, but it also has a bit of a "this adds a pop of color to my outfit but in a cool and mysterious way" edge to it. It can be executed in a more elegant and girly way or in an edgier, more eclectic way like on Cailin's oversized camo jacket above. I saw a pair of vintage white Levis at the Melrose Trading Post with a pink rose embroidered on each knee, and I accepted the nonexistent dressing room situation and changed in front of a couple strangers just so I could see if they somehow fit (they were a couple sizes too big, but I felt like I needed to try and hope for divine intervention). This summer, I've been seeing bigger stores start selling products with rose embroidery, kinda like:


Take a look at the trend below, and get yo-self feeling rosy:

Cropped Embroidered Jeans- Zara:

Lazy Oaf My Collection Jacket- Lazy Oaf:

Not legit enough for you? Take a cue from Dolce & Gabanna FW17. They can even be used as shoulder pads!

(As if Dolce & Gabanna didn't already make an entire F/W 15-16 collection based off roses....)

Fine, I guess citing Dolce & Gabanna is a relative form of cheating because roses are D&G's thing (or at least were at one point, as shown above). How about Fendi, then? Roses can be couture - but more importantly, they can be worthy of a date at the Lizzy McGuire fountain.

Exhibit C: Di$count Universe, aka the extremely intriguing (and Australian) brand responsible for Kylie Jenner's sequin bikini look at this year's Coachella. There's roses on almost everything over there... I'm not complaining, I'm just bitter that I don't have sequin roses on my ankle boots.

Case closed. Roses are red, often pink when embroidered onto clothing as a 2016 trend, and violets are blue (but apparently irrelevant in terms of embroidered jeans), I love rose embroidery and you should too!!!!!!! If you want to.

(All photos are not my own).


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