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Summer '16 Style Resolutions

The redeeming quality about the awkward stage between winter/early spring and summer is the time it provides to mull over what exactly your summer style will consist of. I don't necessarily revamp my style with every changing season, but there's certainly always a running list in my mind of new things I want to incorporate into my future looks- and yes, this mental list flourishes with the idea of a new season, a new beginning, a new crop of weather-driven standards to work with.

So, because I've already said RIP to most (MOST) of my New Years Resolutions, I am documenting my mental list of Style Resolutions for summer 2016 - not as a definitive rule book for my outfits this summer or a pre-summer shopping list, but as a bit of brain vomit from the corner of my mind devoted to style which will paint a hopefully decent picture of my current summer inspiration.

Caroline's Summer '16 Style Resolutions:

During a closet-cleaning excursion about three years ago, my mom looked at the piles of newly rejected clothing on my bed and concluded, "Well, I know one thing: you definitely don't like color anymore." I began to wear mainly black, gray, or white clothing a la the Brandy Melville Instagram models of summer 2013. As my styling tendencies evolved and changed over the years, I've found myself slowly adding more colorful and eccentric pieces into my wardrobe, and I think I'm at the point in my style journey where just the perfect arrangement of rich hues has me sold. Summer is for color, and color doesn't bite!!

2) Big colorful sunglasses
I've been lusting over cool sunglasses for basically the entire past year; you need sunglasses during every season as long as it's sunny, right?!?!! That sentence sounded less dumb in my head. The wider-framed and cooler-colored, the better.

3) One piece swimsuits/high waisted swimsuits
It is with pieces like these where the phrase "pull off" arises: "Can I pull this off???" is a question that I've associated with one pieces multiple times, but I think my game plan as of now is to just put it on my body and do the damn thing. The real struggle though is finding a one piece with ample boob coverage in a silhouette and color that I like, which has proven to be a bit difficult so far. However, for those who aren't as detrimentally picky, here are some that seem pretty cool:

This one!

That one!

Over here!

Or something more simple like this one:

Or something not simple at all like this one via The Blonde Salad:
4) Chunky statement gold earrings
Leandra Medine and the Man Repeller crew had me hooked on these type of earrings. I'm not really a jewelry girl with the exception of necklaces, but with summer approaching I'm predicting a love affair with cool earrings and I'm excited for it.
(@elizcardinal on Instagram)
5) More flat shoes
My winter uniform shoes were heeled ankle booties and my summer uniform shoes are usually flip flops or sneakers. I feel like I could open my eyes to the other types of flats that exist and shake up my footwear this summer with other various members of the "flats" family: glittery sandals, lace up ballet shoes, slippers and loafers await!!

6) More vintage; give my looks a more retro feel
We all know I can't afford most vintage so I don't even know how to explain this one but retro-vibed outfits like these are inspiring me lately:

7) Wear natural hair as much as possible
My natural hair is a frizzy, kinky, unpredictable, knotty mess. However, nobody has time for straighteners and blow dryers (I mean, I actually do have that time, but I'm trying to make a point). My hair needs to breathe, and I'm going to wear braids, buns, ponytails, or free mane, frizz and all.

8) Try pins/patches.
Pins and patches are popping up everywhere, adapting to their new journey of swift travel from online shopping carts to jackets and denim shorts. They've become a way to personalize and add flare to previously purchased pieces (don't you just adore alliteration??), and what is summer if not for crafty DIY's when you're bored?
Tons of pins and patches can be found at Nasty Gal or Topshop, & here's one of my favorites, Amanda Steele, decking out a leather jacket to give you some inspiration.

9) Wear more trousers
Another option to answer the omnipresent question of "What the heck do I wear with this shirt" arises! I tend to buy shirts after shirts and stick with the same jean shorts or skinny jeans to wear with them, but by changing up the silhouette with things like trousers, I feel like the main piece of the outfit wouldn't always have to be the top.

Culotte-style option here:

& Topshop has SO MANY!!

For the pin-striped princess: 

For those who want to wear their pajamas in public but still slay, so basically everyone:

For the effervescent blue beauty:

10) Wear hair metal/head wraps
They're cool.

(@amyvalentinex on Instagram)

Options for metal hair accessories here, here, and here.

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