Thursday, March 31, 2016


 A Thing !! That I Wore!! In California!!!
Visiting California was an experience of which I hyped up to such a degree that once I finally found myself there, I had virtually zero idea how to go about meeting the expectations I had in my head or making sense of the metal 'road map' for the trip that I thought I was making. Being around myself more often than not for 16 years, I've realized that this is how I handle most situations that I deem a big event in my life- I so much want everything to go amazingly well that I can't even plan cohesively or effectively, and when the event actually arrives I almost always find myself having to just wing it upon the realization that even though it seemed like I was preparing and planning in my head, all I was doing was thinking in circles, leaving me standing over my suitcase in my hotel room desperately trying to put together an outfit that will make me look CALIFORNIA COOL, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

I saved myself from the chaos that comes with outfitting oneself to face the high-pressure environment of the California streets (after I stood in the midst of that exact chaos for about half an hour, obviously) by drawing on things I knew I wanted to incorporate into my future summer looks, like caps and colorful neck scarves/bandanas:

I'm wearing a white dress from South Moon Under that's pretty short in the front but a couple inches longer in the back with denim cutoffs underneath- the cut of the dress is casual and is something I'd wear to a festival, like a sheer Coachella-esque cover up, I think. My shoes are Adidas Originals superstars, and my favorite part of the look is my red neck scarf from Brandy Melville! This one from Free People is nearing its 1 year anniversary of residency in my online shopping cart and I was so happy to find a much less expensive alternative from Brandy- something bright red, silky and patterned was all I was looking for. The cap I'm wearing, another type of accessory that I've been wanting to purchase for a while, is from Nasty Gal (not available online). 
ROUND UP: I really enjoy colorful silk bandanas and caps right now. I got to incorporate them into one of my first warm weather outfits of 2016. Three cheers!!

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