Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring 2016 Couture-ness

Ahh, what other way to begin a discussion (probably more of a spastic freak out if we're all being honest here) than pulling an excerpt from one of Kanye Wests' greatest? The composition goes as follows:

What's Louis, my killa?
What's drugs, my dealer (pronounced like deal-ah)?
What's that jacket, Margiela?

Every since I looked at the Maison Margiela Spring Couture 2016 collection that line has been stuck in my head, following me everywhere I go like a theme song I have absolutely zero say in. But if we're being honest here (as I believe I've established above), if I did have a say in the theme song of my life, a tune of this song's hard-rap grandeur would probably be in the running. Not because it's fitting for me, but because it makes me feel tough- as beautifully described in this same song that I can't seem to stop talking about, "IT'S PROVOCATIVE, IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING." I digress.

I AM HERE TO DISCUSS PARIS FASHION WEEK. To clarify, the Paris fashion week that recently happened...the Spring 2016 Couture one... the multitude of fashion weeks and fashion seasons confuses me to no end, but I'm working on it.

I touched on this in my previous post, but I just recently started making an effort to familiarize myself with designers and keep up with their collections and aesthetics, and whenever I look into a show or season I always just find myself going KSFJHDKJSFHSKJAFHL- because there are so many things that are interesting and amazing and I feel like I'm learning so much, and there's not just clothes but an atmosphere and a feeling to the show and beauty looks and the aura of the models that I don't know how to respond or organize thoughts into anything cohesive or meaningful. For this reason, I was initially hesitant to write this post because I was so overwhelmed with thoughts and questions and FEELS that I knew I couldn't write something cohesive and professional- but who says everything has to be cohesive and professional? Who says I always have to know absolutely everything about everything and have a definitive and respectable stance on whatever I'm talking about? This entire website stemmed from my passion for the style world, and this passion is often me seeing things in different places and internally bombarding myself with so many thoughts, and my blog is the gradual process of me trying to understand and express these thoughts. So, that's what I'm going to do with this post- indulge in the gradual process of trying to understand/express my developing thoughts about the fashion world, and write about things that make me FEEL STUFF!! Here's some things I would like to say about the Spring 2016 Couture shows in Paris:

There's so much satiny-silky experiences that I want to cover my person in all satin everything and replace my entire sleeping area with silk bed sheets and pillow cases.

I mean, this silk gown from Yiqing Yin? Bury me in this.
Yes, I will replace the cotton collared-shirt of my school uniform with this collared euphoria by Dice Kayek and I will sit in detention every Friday with it on.

 Chanel silk-ness: 10/10 would recommend.
+ silk coats and capes.....YES (Ulyana Sergeenko and Dior)

I also was completely blown away by the Dior show. Not just the clothes, but the entire aesthetic of the show- something about how the atmosphere and clothes and way the models present themselves makes me want to be the woman that this collection is portraying, which is just the absolute coolest part of runway shows.
But if we're talking specifics- the shoes and bare-shoulder tops are killer.

To add to the topic of runway shows as experiences, Jean Paul Gaultier and Maison Margiela were just that. Jean Paul Gaultier channeling vintage night club vibes and Margiela simply being incredibly insane, I was intrigued.

These jackets/hair from Jean Paul Gaultier!!!

And this first look from Margiela is all I want to be.

I completely basked in the retro violet feel of the Armani collection- violet/lavender/ is my favorite color and Armani made it look the complete opposite of tacky Easter pastels. Not to mention the sunglasses, shoes, and transparent socks... soooooo cool.

When I looked into the Elie Saab collection, I expected to see beautifully detailed gowns of delicacy-which I did- but I was also pleasantly surprised to see some trousers, combat boots and hats! This is something that I had not yet seen from Elie Saab and I think it was executed really well- when I was looking at these looks, all I was thinking was how they still look absolutely delicate and beautiful and embellished, but they still give off a tough feel. It's like the girls were saying, "Yeah, we dress like princesses and we're more delicate than porcelain, but that doesn't mean we won't go to war with you and that doesn't mean we're not legally certified badasses- we can do both at the same time, and it's sick."

Also: huge coats and huge capes. I enjoy.

Also two other random looks that I was in love with (Ulyana Sergeenko and Giambattista Vali)
I mean come on. Appreciate this. ^

Also as another comment to add to this hodgepodge (let's pretend I didn't just use that word because I feel like it morphed me into an old woman from a fable) of a post: Besides the concept of a runway show being an entire experience made up of not just clothes but accessories, atmosphere, feelings, etc, the other thing that fascinates me the most about runway shows is the silhouettes. As a 16 year old girl, practically my only silhouette is jeans (so something a bit tighter on the bottom) and some sort of shirt/jacket combination with either flat shoes or heeled shoes. One of my main goals style-wise is to learn to extend my "silhouette vocabulary," if you will, and I'm always amazed at how collections can show other silhouettes and make them look amazing. Not everything is just jeans and a top or shorts and a top or a skirt and a top- it's just so interesting, all the time. I can't tell if this is making any sense or not, but if you just look at all the photos I've attached in this post I think you will get a good sense of all the different silhouettes that can be present (and WORKED) in runway shows, which I admire so much.

Lots of words. If you've read them all, thanks- if you've skimmed them, thanks, if all you did was read the first sentence and then started listening to Kanye, thanks and I hope you feel tough.

New York Fashion Week is up soon, so something spastic (dare I say...a hodgepodge) like this may be returning.

All the love!!

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