Sunday, February 7, 2016

Show Your True Colors

Hiiiii loves!!

Colorful beauty looks hold a special place in my heart as of late, as I established in my previous post about Lou Teasdale and The Craft. I teamed up with my friend Madison to produce a mini shoot with my friends and deck them out in aesthetically pleasing The Craft inspired makeup looks and hairstyles. I found this whole experience to be quite fulfilling and not to mention FUN. From looking at magazines, Instagram, style blogs, online lookbooks and runway shows, the idea of creating an entire atmosphere and aesthetic for a collection or shoot has grown to interest me immensely. A fashion project like a runway show or magazine spread or lookbook isn't simply a photoshoot- it's an extension of the creative vision and feeling someone has in their brain and heart, and the whole set/venue of a runway show or photoshoot works together with the makeup and the clothing and the hair to portray this vision to others in the most accurate and striking way possible, creating an entire aesthetic and experience, not just pretty clothes. Although I of course did not have a set or any other professional elements, I did get to experience portraying a vibe I'm really into in physical form with multiple looks on my friends, creating a representation of an aesthetic I love and physically showing a bit of the corner of my brain dedicated to style-related thoughts. That part of the fashion/beauty industry fascinates me and it was a blast to create this!
This is genuinely my squad goals
For eyes on the girls, I wanted to emphasize unorthodox colors of shadows and liners, but also different textures of eye makeup, a concept that I love. Lemme explain:

Mae, Madison and Charlotte are wearing normal textured eye shadows:

Megan's eye shadow is more gel-based and I tried to make Caitlin's a bit more glossy/shiny, like this. (Glossy lids = liiiiiffeeeeee and love)

More elements of these looks that I love:

I think colorful brows/glitter brows are so sick and they're actually quite easy to do:
1) I covered the brows in an extremely pale concealer to make the colors more visible. 
2) For gold glitter brows: I drew over Charlotte's with a gold eyeliner pencil and covered them in gold body glitter
For blue brows: I simply applied a mix of aqua blue/royal blue eye shadow to the brows with an think-tipped eye shadow brush.

(As you can tell by the abundance of exclamation points, I am excited about these beauty trends. I am going to continue the abundance of exclamation points. I'm not sorry).

To create a blue sparkly lip, I added some blue body glitter to a blue lipstick. I also love Charlotte's multi-color lip- I mixed gold and purple lipstick with a bit of gold eye shadow.

Dino braids/cornrows will forever be one of my favorite hair looks and they can be done in so many different variations. Add more braids to your life!!

 FACE ART (I don't know what the term is for that)
By "face art" I mean elements like the glitter on Madison's face (that gives me Bowie feels and I thoroughly approve) and the glitter dots above Mae's eyebrows.

More photos of these The Craft inspired looks & lovely salts:

Thank you for reading, & sharing a fashion vibe I love through this creative project was absolutely, 100% worth getting glitter all over my body (harder to get off than sand from the beach, if you're not Ke$ha and haven't experienced this). 
Thank you to the lovely gals who modeled, you all look KILLER & have formulated a squad of characters in these photos that I really would kill to be admitted to (as I stated above). 

All the love//all the edge,

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