Thursday, January 28, 2016



Long time zero talk. Instagram does not count. I have been virtually trapped inside of my house for the past 7 days due to a major snowstorm (@ Jonas what's good) and in this time I believe I have reached the superior point of boredom (what really is the superior point of boredom? Breaking out your Nintendo DS for the first time in 4 years? Considering paying one of your friends to let you play with their dog?). I've been cherishing the moments that I have an opportunity to actually get out of the house and engage in social activity-even if it is with the woman checking me in at the dentist's office- so I've been relishing the excitement that an excuse to dress up gives me.

Here's some things I've been wearing!!

Honestly please quote me on this.

Never found a shirt that describes me more. I could live on chicken tenders and french fries for the rest of my life, obesity can bite me. Also, these are my absolute favorite pair of flare jeans from Free People- for me, they are quite flattering and comfortable and do a good job of elongating the legs. Also from Free People is my majestic *~*~*~*~n e c k   s c a r f*~*~*~*, a trend I'm loving lately. I like to wear these skinny scarves as thick chokers tied in the back (they double as a hair bow, as seen on or channel more of a 70's vibe with the two ends hanging on either side, like this. And honestly at this point I consider my Digby Platforms (wannabe Stella Mccartney Britt platforms) a staple/neutral. Whether that is good or bad, I'm not sure, but I have no choice but to accept it.

Moving on:

Denim on denim done "right":

 Denim on denim done "wrong" (but iconically, so in a way, done right???)

Denim on denim done......??? I honestly do not know at this point

At first I had the black furry jacket on without the denim jacket, but I've been wanting to wear denim on denim for a while so I decided to just try it. I'm in love with these shoes from Sam Edelman, too- as soon as I saw the embroidery on them I was hooked, details like that are awesome. And once again I'm wearing a neck scarf from Free People (very neck scarf, much majestic). What do you think of denim on denim? I honestly don't think there should be an unspoken rule against denim on denim or a formula for how you should wear it as "fashion rules" leave a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, but it can definitely be executed "well" or "not as well". I really don't know where this outfit falls on that scale or if I'll look back on this outfit in a week and be embarrassed about my attempt but it was an EXPERIMENT AND I THINK I LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT

Another thing I wore this week:

Power to the turtleneck and power to cool socks. That is all.

Thank you for reading, lots and lots of love!!!

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