Thursday, December 24, 2015

Join the Beauty Revolution: Bleach London & Lou Teasdale Inspo

When I started liking One Direction and immersed myself into this whole One Direction world, there were a lot of things that I was naturally introduced to aside from the boys themselves, including Lou Teasdale and her beauty empire. Lou Teasdale is the boys' hair stylist/makeup artist, but is also the brand ambassador for Fudge Urban (a hair styling company), is affiliated with Bleach ("London's most colorful salon"), published her own beauty bible displaying her beauty/hair aesthetic entitled The Craft, and is currently interviewing applicants for her own beauty school called Beauty School Dropout for aspiring makeup artists. What I consider to be her most wide-reaching and impactful accomplishment is her uniquely genius aesthetic that I've become familiar with (and infatuated with) as one of her 3.5 million Instagram followers.

If I could try to encompass this "aesthetic" that I've been introduced to through Lou Teasdale in one type of human, this would be my attempt:

A colorful, grungy, fearless rock queen from the 90's who considers the word "fun" as a synonym for "beauty."

To explain the above statement, this is the utopia that I've been introduced to through Lou Teasdale, Fudge Urban, and the Bleach London hair stylists:

Crazy Hair Colors
Bleach London is particularly known for their specialization in unnatural hair color, particularly pastels. I've always thought colorful hair is cool, but seeing the photos on Bleach London's Instagram swept me off my feet, and I began to think of hair coloring as a serious fashion statement.
(All of these photos are directly from the Bleach London salon's Instagram @bleachlondon)

Fashion Braids/Dreads
Ok I guess "fashion braids" is a term I made up myself, but basically what I'm trying to say is that Lou Teasdale and Bleach London display/promote/create the coolest braided hairstyles and prove the utter coolness of cornrows, dino braids and dreads, along with different hair accessories like hair metal.

(These photos are directly from The Craft, from @bleachlondon on Instagram or from @thecraftbeauty on Instagram who posts fashion/beauty looks inspired by Lou Teasdale)

Colorful Brows, Eye Makeup and Lips
Colorful/glittery brows, eyes, and lips are a must for any The Craft inspired look. It's all over Lou Teasdale inspired Instagram pages like @thecraftbeauty and most of the applicants for Lou's beauty school, Beauty School Dropout, submitted final looks with vibrant eyes, lips, and brows.
(All photos are directly from Lou's instagram, @thecraftbeauty on Instagram, or Beauty School Dropout applicants @victoriaxuk, @emilie_bruun, @quite_juliet)

Trying out a look with some The Craft inspired elements is definitely on my list of "Fashion Do's," but I haven't gotten around to searching for some vibrant/glossy eye makeup or lipstick. So, I'm leaving you with this, my attempt to dye my hair with Splat Washables circa 2012 and a braided look I did on my friend.
 & no, of course I was not naked in the photo- I was wearing a bathing suit as I did this while on a beach trip.

I just thought it was important to share Lou Teasdale and The Craft's whole aesthetic because it has really influenced my style and contributed to my willingness to experiment and venture outside the box when it comes to beauty and fashion. Bleach London, Lou Teasdale, Fudge Urban, etc. execute what they do so elegantly and fearlessly, so to me, even though what they put on the table is unorthodox, it doesn't look tacky or cheap: it looks unique in the best way possible.

Thank you for reading- go out and be the salts that you are, as Lou would say. (Note: salt= babe, hottie, 'fit')

All the love (and edge),
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