Tuesday, October 13, 2015

♡ Septober Favorites ♡

I obsess over lots of things.
Multiple things on a monthly basis.
My obsessions often crossover from one month to the next- even from one year to the next, in many cases.
Thus, I've taken it upon myself to birth a new (theoretical) month: Septober. For those in the back: I created a new month in order to group my September- beginning of October favorites together. This invention either touches on my innovation and creativity or utterly emphasizes my lack of cohesiveness and organization. Let's go with something in the middle?

Anyway, stuff I've been loving lately:

Hair at the Valentino Spring 2016 RTW Show
This hair was so sick- I love any edgy braided hairstyles and the braids were so well done. I think cornrows/super tight braids are awesome and can really be rocked with so many more looks than they're given credit for. Also love the whisps of hair coming out of the updo- I really like pulling a couple pieces of hair out of my ponytails, buns, or braids like this to frame my face.

Cross Hoop Earrings
 I first saw these earrings in the Free People July 2015 Catalogue and loved them, and when I saw Ellis Clare (New Yorker/one of my favorite young Instagram models) sporting them during her escipades through the streets of New York, I loved them even more. I really enjoy seeing Ellis' photos because her style has a grunge aspect that I like a lot, and these earrings look awesome with all her outfits.

Ellis' instagram is @edgyellis

Sadly, I can't attach photos of me wearing these lovely things because they're still sitting in my cart on the Free People online site. Just a couple more hours of babysitting and they're mine (#thestruggle).
I've searched the internet for these earrings and the only place I've found them is on the Free People website for $68.00 (they were also available on Nasty Gal, but are now sold out). Do your ears a favor and check 'em out (and of course make sure to send me a photo of what you paired them with)!!

Speaking of one of my favorite Instagram models....
Beauty/Fashion Instagrams:
An instagram I've been quite literally drooling over lately has been @aniamilczarczyk (just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it). She's a makeup artist and post photos of her work, and she does the most amazing highlight. I can't get enough of beauty looks with lots of highlight lately- it just makes your face glow in a way that looks so awesome. I also have a special place in my heart for putting light, shimmery eye shadow on the tear duct to highlight the inner corner of your eyes, and this is featured in many of Ania's looks too. (Seriously, my friend Ellie who does my makeup a lot can testify to the fact that I'm always saying "It's okay if you don't have time to do the rest, just do the inner eye shimmer and I'll be good!")
Her highlighting is what propelled me to push the follow button and send multiple screenshots to Ellie, but she also does amazing sunset-colored eye looks that I would wear any day of the week, any hour.

Also, I found out about the Viva Aviva brand through the instagram of @dylanasuarez - I saw her wearing this red top that brought a really unique pop of color to her street style look and had to know where it was from. When I found the top on Viva Aviva's website, I realized it was $325... as you can probably tell by my indication that I need to save up to buy $68 earrings, this awesome shirt was so out of my price range I could barely see it. Still wanted to commemorate it's beauty though, so here it is:

Solace London Brand
I discovered Solace London while looking on Revolve for a black dress for a party. I was required to wear black for the party, and I wanted to find something that would be a little edgier or more unique than the typical/basic LBD. I found a couple dresses with a beautiful silk material that I really fancied, and realized every single one of them was from Solace London! When I looked into the brand further I loved the pieces on their website soooo much- they have the coolest separates and wide-leg jumpsuits. A quick google search also made me realize that celebrities love Solace London too!

Kendall Jenner in Solace London

Chrissy Teigen in Solace London

Zendaya in Solace London

Emily Ratajowski in Solace London

Kendall Jenner in Solace London

Let me know what your obsessions have been this "Septober!" Thanks for hangin out & reading my words.

All the love (and edge),


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