Friday, October 23, 2015

Denim, Tees, and Platforms

As it's gotten colder I've had to put some serious thought into what I want to be wearing this fall/winter, and I'm gonna be honest- I'm super uncertain. I was just getting into a fashion groove this summer and I feel like as soon as October 1st was upon us the weather did a total 180!! I absolutely love fall/winter fashion and I'm sooooo excited to switch my style up a bit in these colder months, but I'm not 100% sure what type of looks I want to go for! Not too much is really speaking to me yet... guess I'm just at a lack of inspiration, which is weird because I usually see at least 5 outfits a day online or in person that I'm inspired by. Maybe I just need to make my closet speak to me by spicing it up a bit (I can hear my mom groaning as she reads that sentence). It's only the beginning of this new season though, so I've got some time to search for inspiration. A mental note has been made to open my eyes more for inspiration- it can be found in absolutely anything, absolutely anywhere, after all!

This was one of my first "colder weather" looks that I put together. I started out drawing inspiration from Arden Rose, a YouTuber whose quirky style I've been loooooving lately. Arden's style is a mix of vintage/classic and unique/funny, and her many quirky tees and dresses from Lazy Oaf, a UK based store, really inspired me to include some eccentric or unusual pieces in this look. Thus, I paired a classic button down denim skirt with these multi-colored platforms and the closest thing I could find to a graphic tee- Nationals merch. I would have preferred a cool graphic tee, but the Nationals tee is all I have at the moment in that department! (Mental note #2: more graphic tees are always needed). To adapt the look to the cold weather and keep me warm, I added a gray cardigan with a leather vest from Topshop.

Links to everything I'm wearing:

Jeffrey Campbell Digby Leather Platform (these are knockoffs of the amazing Stella McCartney Britt platforms- still a bit pricey but a much better deal than the nearly $1,000 Britt platforms)!

BDG Denim Seamed Skirt (you can find this skirt at almost any store like Topshop, Asos, or other online stores, but after trying on a couple at different shops I found that this one from Urban Outfitters was the best fit/style for me). 
 Other possible options:

 Cardigan (Similar):

Unfortunately the Nationals t-shirt I'm wearing isn't online anywhere, but any graphic tee would work (graphic tees are basically everywhere- in many online stores or at local thrift shops).

All the love (and edge),


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