Thursday, December 24, 2015

Join the Beauty Revolution: Bleach London & Lou Teasdale Inspo

When I started liking One Direction and immersed myself into this whole One Direction world, there were a lot of things that I was naturally introduced to aside from the boys themselves, including Lou Teasdale and her beauty empire. Lou Teasdale is the boys' hair stylist/makeup artist, but is also the brand ambassador for Fudge Urban (a hair styling company), is affiliated with Bleach ("London's most colorful salon"), published her own beauty bible displaying her beauty/hair aesthetic entitled The Craft, and is currently interviewing applicants for her own beauty school called Beauty School Dropout for aspiring makeup artists. What I consider to be her most wide-reaching and impactful accomplishment is her uniquely genius aesthetic that I've become familiar with (and infatuated with) as one of her 3.5 million Instagram followers.

If I could try to encompass this "aesthetic" that I've been introduced to through Lou Teasdale in one type of human, this would be my attempt:

A colorful, grungy, fearless rock queen from the 90's who considers the word "fun" as a synonym for "beauty."

To explain the above statement, this is the utopia that I've been introduced to through Lou Teasdale, Fudge Urban, and the Bleach London hair stylists:

Crazy Hair Colors
Bleach London is particularly known for their specialization in unnatural hair color, particularly pastels. I've always thought colorful hair is cool, but seeing the photos on Bleach London's Instagram swept me off my feet, and I began to think of hair coloring as a serious fashion statement.
(All of these photos are directly from the Bleach London salon's Instagram @bleachlondon)

Fashion Braids/Dreads
Ok I guess "fashion braids" is a term I made up myself, but basically what I'm trying to say is that Lou Teasdale and Bleach London display/promote/create the coolest braided hairstyles and prove the utter coolness of cornrows, dino braids and dreads, along with different hair accessories like hair metal.

(These photos are directly from The Craft, from @bleachlondon on Instagram or from @thecraftbeauty on Instagram who posts fashion/beauty looks inspired by Lou Teasdale)

Colorful Brows, Eye Makeup and Lips
Colorful/glittery brows, eyes, and lips are a must for any The Craft inspired look. It's all over Lou Teasdale inspired Instagram pages like @thecraftbeauty and most of the applicants for Lou's beauty school, Beauty School Dropout, submitted final looks with vibrant eyes, lips, and brows.
(All photos are directly from Lou's instagram, @thecraftbeauty on Instagram, or Beauty School Dropout applicants @victoriaxuk, @emilie_bruun, @quite_juliet)

Trying out a look with some The Craft inspired elements is definitely on my list of "Fashion Do's," but I haven't gotten around to searching for some vibrant/glossy eye makeup or lipstick. So, I'm leaving you with this, my attempt to dye my hair with Splat Washables circa 2012 and a braided look I did on my friend.
 & no, of course I was not naked in the photo- I was wearing a bathing suit as I did this while on a beach trip.

I just thought it was important to share Lou Teasdale and The Craft's whole aesthetic because it has really influenced my style and contributed to my willingness to experiment and venture outside the box when it comes to beauty and fashion. Bleach London, Lou Teasdale, Fudge Urban, etc. execute what they do so elegantly and fearlessly, so to me, even though what they put on the table is unorthodox, it doesn't look tacky or cheap: it looks unique in the best way possible.

Thank you for reading- go out and be the salts that you are, as Lou would say. (Note: salt= babe, hottie, 'fit')

All the love (and edge),

Monday, November 23, 2015

AMA's Round Up

Award show nights are always fun nights, so having the AMA's to watch last night made my Sunday night a little better... and I can't deny it numbed the pain of the impending doom I was feeling about going back to school the next morning.
Here's what I think about the looks!

Starting off with my favorite:
Gigi full on just slayed my life. I absolutely love her hair (even though she didn't actually cut it) and her makeup and jewelry rocked too. Her inner eye shimmer looked so great with the look and the ear crawler added more edge and coolness.

Her after party look was great too- I especially like it because of the thick choker-style neck piece. I've been seeing that trend everywhere and I've been loving those type of silhouettes lately.

Kendall looked great too- her hairstyle differentiated her look from typical LBD looks. The only thing I would've done differently is the earrings (and maybe a little less harsh with the makeup).

I'm not too crazy about Kylie's look. I do think she looks beautiful, but the dress was just too "typical Kylie" for me... I know edgy/leather/tighter silhouettes are her style, but it's getting so predictable.  I do think Kylie is beautiful, and loving glam and tighter silhouettes is completely okay in any circumstance, but sometimes she glams out so much that I feel like it masks her natural beauty. I'm not suggesting for Kylie to be more modest because I'm a firm believer that wearing revealing clothing does not make you a "slut." I'm not suggesting she stop wearing makeup because I'm also a firm believer that not everyone uses makeup to cover up insecurities: people also use makeup as a form of creative expression, experimentation, or just a source of fun. What I would love is to see Kylie in a more toned down red carpet look- not because she wears too much makeup, because there's no such thing, and not because her outfits are too "slutty", because it's stupid to call someone a "slut" based on their clothing- but because I really do think her beauty can shine sometimes in other ways than how she portrays it typically, and I would love to see her show that side of herself more.

I wasn't a huge fan of Selena's red carpet dress either, but I have to admit that her hair and makeup looked beautiful. A perfect combination between sleek and edgy!

I loved her performance outfit sooooooo much though. I've been seeing a lot of this style lately-the two piece bottom (usually a brallette and something high waisted) under a pretty overlay, typically something transparent or shimmery- and I love it. If I were walking the AMA's red carpet my outfit would be something inspired by this.

Zendaya's look didn't wow me either. Of course she looks beautiful as always, but for some reason the shade of pink and the lace just didn't do it for me. Still love her though- keep breaking down walls, Z.

Probably the looks I disliked the most were Fifth Harmony's dresses. I really just think they need to get a new stylist. I have yet to see red carpet looks from them that I actually like... their looks are barely ever cohesive and usually look pretty tacky.

Demi Lovato's look was one of my least favorites too. I know red carpets are about dressing up and using dramatic makeup looks, but Demi is seriously one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. She does a segment on her instagram where she posts no-makeup photos every Monday (#NMM, or No Makeup Monday) and I'm wowed every time I see the photos. Her skin glows and she looks stunning, in all senses of the word. So, as I was saying about Kylie, I would just love to see her in a beauty look that was a bit more natural because she really is just naturally gorgeous, and I believe it would be more striking than the dramatic old Hollywood look she went for here.

And although Nina Dobrev's look wasn't particularly my style, she still looked beautiful and the styling was great.

I thought Ciara looked great too. Something about the way cutouts are arranged near the crotch area kinda bothers me, but I think the dress overall was quite pretty on her and she chose the right hairstyle for the look.

I wasn't crazy about Chloe Grace Mortez's look as a whole, but I do really support a lot of the elements of it. I've been loving slip-like dresses like this one lately- especially velvet ones in darker tones with lace accents. I also love strappy heels and grungy, effortless wavy hair with dresses like that so Chloe nailed those aspects too. Many of the elements of a look I've been really loving lately were there, but I see that kind of look as more of a street style look with a leather jacket thrown over than a red carpet look.
Like this:

Wait? Did members of the male species even attend the AMAS?
Clearly I would never forget my boys.
Ok, yes, I'll give you a moment to take in Harry's suit. I don't love the flared pants and I normally wouldn't go for a floral suit on a guy, but because I've been witnessing Harry's style evolution for the past 3 years I've grown to love whatever he wears. I absolutely love how he pushes men's fashion boundaries, and I think that's the reason why everything works on him: he can wear a floral suit or metallic gold boots or patterned silk button downs with confidence, and that's why he kills it every time. Nothing better than a guy (or anyone, for that matter) who wears what he wants and isn't afraid to take risks in the fashion field. Plus, how can you not be confident when you're wearing full Gucci? As for the other boys, they look dapper and great as always. Niall's glasses were a nice touch and Louis always looks absolutely amazing in red carpet looks. I have to say I'm missing Zayn's red carpet looks though... Caroline Watson always made him look so good and dapper while amplifying his cool and edgy persona with cool things from recent runway shows. Ugh.

After writing this I've realized that there are a lot of trends/silhouettes I've been loving lately that some of these celebrities portrayed in their AMA looks- I'm going to try to incorporate these things into some of my outfits and do a follow up post on all of these & more!

All the love (and edge),
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